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Scalp Renew

We now offer dermabrasion scalp treatments, which can help with a whole range of scalp conditions including thinning hair and persistant dandruff. Let your scalp breathe!

Read more about Scalp Renew or make an appointment today!

Older News

Read about our latest fundraising effort, Bubbles & Bubbles.

We now have a new range of quick, easy and fabulous hair extensions from Hair Talk.

These extensions are high quality, made from real human hair, and are 100% reusable. There's no hot glue or fussy attachment methods, and best of all, there's no telltale lumps or bumps - so no one has to know that it's not your own hair!

More information will be coming soon but if you're interested in getting longer hair or some outrageous streaks of colour, give us a call today.