Nanomax Keratin Treatments

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Keratin is one of the proteins that makes up human hair. Keratin can be damanged by colouring, perming or straightening your hair, by pool chemicals and environmental pollution, and even the sun and surf.

Nanomax uses nanmoelcular-sized particles of keratin - ones that are less than 100,000th of the width of a human hair. These incredibly tiny particles are able to infuse the hair strand at the very lowest level for sensational results.


How does it work? Nanomax combats hair damage by infusing the hair with a natural keratin serum. The keratin molecules penetrate into any flaw or fissure in the hair strand and a second compound polymerizes the fissures, increasing the resistance and flexibility of the hair.

But how it works is not important - what's important is that it does work! In just 45 minutes hair is repaired by up to 80%, and after four treatments the effects last up to 9 months, depending on the growth rate of your hair.

Turn dry, frizzy hair into strong, manageable and intensely shiny hair with Nanomax - call us now on 9245 4920 for your free consultation.

Types of Treatment

There are five different Nanomax treatments available:


Heat damanged hair? Have you had a straightening treatment? Everyday wear and tear showing on your hair? Repair is for you. Working on the outer protective layers of the cuticle, the Repair mist fills cracks and craters, and is then locked in for permanent repair and a beatiful shine.

Intensive Repair

Suitable for more serious damage - the kind caused by colour, bleach, chemicals or naturally frail hair, the Intensive mist repairs surface damage and penetrates the cuticle to work on the cortex, or deeper layer of the hair.


Naturally dry, frizzy or dehydrates hair benefits from the Hydrate mist. The moisture-capturing particles bond to dry areas and help restore the natural moisture balance.


For colour treated hair. Over time, colour is washed out and faded by light. The Colourlock mist seals the colour into the cuticle, protecting the colour and keeping it vibrant for longer.

3D Shine

3D Shine applies a deep, intensive Hollywood shine to all hair types and textures, helps prevent frizz and protects the cuticle from UV damage.

See it in action


Nanomax brush and mist