Permanent Hair Straightening

Bio-Ionic Hair StraighteningHair Straightening is a revolutionary technique to smooth, straighten and shine curly or frizzy hair.

It's by far the best straightening technology we've seen - not only does your hair appear silky smooth and straight, it feels and behaves like straight hair.

The thermal system used by New Look is a two step process. First, a formula is applied to the hair. Then, the hair is straightened with a ceramic flat iron and a specially designed dryer. The formula reconditions the hair and restructures the cuticle so that it stays flat with brilliant gloss and shine - permanently.

Hair straightening is an intensive process which requires patience and skill - but the results speak for themselves!

If you are interested in Thermal Hair Straightening, please call 9245 4920 to book a FREE consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Straightening

Q. Is hair straightening really permanent?
A. Yes - once treated, your hair will stay silky smooth and perfectly straight. As new hair grows, you may wish to have this treated as well. To maintain a full head of straight hair, we recommend a small touch up every six months or so.

Q. My hair has been bleached. Can I still have it straightened?
Yes - The products that we use come in several formulas - one specially created for hair that has been bleached, tinted, highlighted or otherwise chemically treated.

Q. How long does the hair straightening process take?
Hair straightening is an intensive process, and one that requires some patience. However, everyone's hair is different and the length and amount of curl will determine the time required for straightening.

Q. How much does hair straightening cost?
The amount of time required for hair straightening, and therefore the cost, varies for each person depending on the length, thickness and condition of their hair, and also on the type of curl. Call us on 9245 4920 for your free consultation!